Greenville Tech-nologies


As you teach at Greenville Technical College, you will use a number of technologies for communicating with students and your colleagues, viewing class rosters, tracking student attendance, and delivering instruction. The information below provides a brief overview of each of these technologies. While these are only brief introductions, we offer frequent workshops that explore each of these in more detail. You can also contact members of the Center for Teaching Excellence whenever you have questions. You can also find more detailed instructions and tutorials within Blackboard on the Faculty Resources tab.  

Microsoft Outlook
Outlook icon

Microsoft Outlook is the program you will use for communicating with your colleagues. Official announcements from the college are also distributed through Outlook. In addition to typical e-mail functions, Outlook provides you with a powerful calendaring tool as well as features that allow you to schedule meetings and appointments. The contact list in Outlook lets you find contact information for your colleagues at the school. You can also access Outlook from off-campus via a Web interface. You can also access the Web interface of Microsoft Outlook. Be sure to bookmark this page!

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Gmail is the e-mail system you will use for communicating with students. Gmail provides you with the standard features of an e-mail system and allows you to customize the interface and settings to suit your needs. While there is a way to look up students in Gmail, you will find that Gmail works best when used with the Blackboard Learning Management System. Using Gmail with Blackboard will be covered in the Blackboard orientation.  

Keep in mind that in addition to Gmail, your Greenville Tech Google account includes the Google calendar, Google sites and Google docs. When you log into your Google account, you will be able to find additional help files and tutorials on each of these applications.

GTC4Me Logo

GTC4me is the communications portal of the college. Within GTC4me you will find important information and applications that you will use as an employee and instructor at the college. You can access the log in page for the portal at

A virtual tour of the main features of the portal is available as a PDF document that you can download and save: Virtual Tour (opens in new window).

WebAdvisor: As an instructor, you will use the WebAdvisor component in GTC4me to record attendance, find you class roster, and enter final grades. Attendance must be entered into WebAdvisor on a regular basis - usually after each class session or, for online classes, each week.

View video tutorial: Entering Attendance in WebAdvisor


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Blackboard is Greenville Tech's Learning Management System. This system is used in all courses for sharing the course syllabus and files with students, sending Gmail, and providing instructor information to students.

View video tutorial: Blackboard Overview